About Us

Who We Are?

Welcome to the Cabana Man Experience! For nearly three decades, we have been providing one of the most relaxing beach environments located in the heart of the famous Town of Seaside, Florida. From the breathtaking views, red brick roads, award-winning architecture, and the white sandy beaches, Seaside is a very special vacation town that folks come back to year after year and never forget. We like to pride ourselves in being one of many reasons our guests return. The Staff at Cabana Man are a wonderful compliment to your experience, providing world-class comfort and services on the shores of our beautiful beaches.

What We Do?

While staying in Seaside, let us help you maximize your vacation with comfort by providing all the chairs, umbrellas, and luxurious cabana setups that you could need. If you desire a little extra “fun in the sun,” we have you covered with beach kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, and boogie boards- all available for both hourly and daily rental rates.

How We Work?

The equipment is promptly setup early in the morning and ready by 9 AM*. It’s taken down by 5 PM* before Memorial Day & 6 PM* throughout the rest of the summer. Removing the equipment is a daunting task as we start the removal everyday around 4 PM* and finish by 6 PM*. While it is the goal of Cabana Man to provide the best experience possible, we do take safety very seriously: on the rare occasions of high winds, lightning, or dangerous storms, we may close umbrellas and move or stow chairs outside of the set times. **all times may vary due to weather-permitting conditions.